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The Enticing, Igniting, and Influential voice of Stefan Johnson

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Someone left this comment under an Instagram video of mine. In the video, I was playing bass to @GreenDay ‘She’.

I was so surprised to see a grown-ass man perpetuating the “black music - white music” thing. Can we leave that energy in middle school?

I'm absolutely amazed about how many people are viscerally angry about my In-and-out burger review. 3 months after I posted it. 😂

I said the burger was just okay and that the cold-ass slice of cheese on the animal fries was terrible.

This is a controversial opinion? 😂😂

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View Stefan’s Featured Jobs, Commercials & Promos and Video Reels below.

Featured Jobs: Scott Pilgrim Takes Off
Tiktok Spot
Featured Jobs: Chris Rock Show Promo
Featured Jobs: NBA All-Star Weekend Cleveland
Commercials & Promos: Bally Sports Promo Spot
Commercials & Promos: Orlando Magic Spot
Commercials & Promos: Nemiroff Commerical Spot
Video Reels: Spooky / Creepy Voice Reel
Video Reels: Automotive
Featured Jobs: Scott Pilgrim Takes Off
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Tiktok Spot
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Featured Jobs: Chris Rock Show Promo
3 of 9
Featured Jobs: NBA All-Star Weekend Cleveland
4 of 9
Commercials & Promos: Bally Sports Promo Spot
5 of 9
Commercials & Promos: Orlando Magic Spot
6 of 9
Commercials & Promos: Nemiroff Commerical Spot
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Video Reels: Spooky / Creepy Voice Reel
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Video Reels: Automotive
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Food Reviews

Be Sure to check out Stefan’s hilarious food reviews.

I spent $300 on Prime Rib to cook for the first time. STRONG LANGUAGE WARNING
The ULTIMATE Snack Cake Tierlist.
Outback Steakhouse Review! Blooming Onion, Blooming Chicken, Steak and Lobster.
I spent $300 on Prime Rib to cook for the first time. STRONG LANGUAGE WARNING
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The ULTIMATE Snack Cake Tierlist.
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Outback Steakhouse Review! Blooming Onion, Blooming Chicken, Steak and Lobster.
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Voiceover and onscreen actor. Food reviewer. Social media influencer.

Stefan Johnson is not your average VO professional–he’s voiceover evolved. With a masculine, authoritative, smooth, and persuasive sound, and an outrageous, larger-than-life personality. No matter where you see or hear Stefan, he’ll capture your full attention.

Let his achievements speak for themselves. Stefan has 7.7 million followers on TikTok, 1 million followers on Instagram, 376K followers on Facebook, and 527K subscribers on YouTube. His social media notoriety, stemming from his off-color comedy and authentic food reviews, has landed him placements in Buzzfeed, All Recipes, Pop Sugar, and the Today Show’s website. He has thousands of commercial, promo, and trailer voiceover credits for top global brands like McDonald’s, The Scott Pilgrim Anime on Netflix, Best Buy, Cartoon Network, Food Network, Doritos, The WWE, Xbox’s Ancestors Legacy, and more. He’s even appeared on screen in several feature films including Judas and the Black Messiah and Cherry.


In all his work, Stefan listens to clients with an intense concentration in order to understand their vision for the project. From there, he adds his own signature energy, from harrowing to hilarious. You can expect equal parts creativity and professionalism with this experienced VO star.

Stefan is based in Cleveland, Ohio and works from his professional grade home studio. He studied at The Ohio Media School and The Global Voice Acting Academy. Work with Stefan today for a sound that’s exciting, igniting, and influential, and find out what one of the sharpest tools in the VO box can do for your next project.


Just a few of Stefan’s many clients.

McDonald's voiced by Stefan Johnson
Cartoon Network voiced by Stefan Johnson
Will Smith voiced by Stefan Johnson
Pandora Radio voiced by Stefan Johnson
Bobcat voiced by Stefan Johnson
Walmart voiced by Stefan Johnson
Bally Sports voiced by Stefan Johnson
American Greetings voiced by Stefan Johnson

Alexa Whippo, On-Air Promotions producer with Bally Sports

Stefan was a dream to work with! After hearing his samples when our company was hiring a new voiceover artist, we were excited to work with Stefan! He is great at giving us different types of reads and styles and was so willing to help out. We also came up with a concept to have him video record himself during the session for a promotional video we had and Stefan was so quick to accept the challenge. It turned out amazing and I can’t thank Stefan for his professionalism and flexibility!

John Tomsick, Founder of Tomsick Media

Not only does Stefan have great pipes –– and I’m talking “In a world…” great –– he is also a consummate professional storyteller who is a pleasure to work with. His tone resonates deep and rich with great range, clarity, and exceptional enunciation. If you want to elevate your script to new heights with fantastic “lows”, just call Stefan Johnson! That’s why he’s on my speed dial!

Margot Isfan, Creative Director at Urban Legends Film Company

Stefan Johnson is a pleasure to work with every… single… day! His professionalism and dedication make him a true talent in the business. He’s always on time, flexible and ready to hit record. It’s nice to work with someone who has so much passion day to day and is willing to listen and try to get the perfect read.

Kevin Colacci. Senior Show Runner at How To Survive

When Stefan became the voice of How to Survive, he immediately elevated our show to a higher quality. Stefan is not a voiceover artist who blends into the background, he injects his personality into every line of material he’s given and brings it to life. Our fans are always commenting about how much they love Stefan’s voice and how much power it brings to our show. One minute he can give you an epic movie trailer delivery, and the next, he can give you some sarcastic comedy, depending on what you need. Perhaps most importantly, Stefan is not only talented, but he is also very professional and a pleasure to work with. He always strives to give the best possible version of what we’re looking for and doesn’t give up until everyone involved is satisfied.

Britton Regal, International Mixed Martial Arts Federation

He’s very cooperative, and responsive; besides all he’s very talented and professional that even by a simple plain description he understood what exactly we wanted. That’s something great which not everyone has.

Kasey Thomas, National Food Group

Needed a rush on a V/O and he delivered in spades. This guy is awesome. Plain and simple. Needed a rush on a V/O and he delivered in spades. He even had a slight revision to me within 20 minutes. Obviously something like that can’t always be expected, but the attentiveness was spot on. Will definitely be using him again.

Kunal Shivdasani, Isuzu Motors

He totally understands the demands of the business. As always, it’s a wonderful experience working with Stefan!! Such a fine talent and more importantly such a fine human being!! He totally understands the demands of the business and goes out of his way to help you with your project. His voice has such a lovely tone and such superior clarity that is way above the rest. Highly recommend Stefan!

Fleet Pride

Professional voice and high quality audio. Very impressed! We needed a quick turnaround and wanted a deep, dramatic read with feeling… and Stefan nailed it. Professional voice and high quality audio. He emphasized all the right words and intonations with little direction from me. Would not hesitate to utilize again. Thanks Stefan!!

Light Animations

Stefan has an amazing voice! The kind perfect for the type of video we were trying to create – a promo/trailer type. He was very patient with us – even though we took very long to get back to him with feedback, etc. He was also open to making changes based on our feedback. He was able to switch styles when needed to, and his voice is definitely a one-of-a-kind. We would totally recommend him for other professional VO jobs/projects. Thanks for your help with this project, Stefan!

Ricky D, Writer and Poet

Stefan did an amazing job! He knew exactly how to convey the right emotions by using the perfect amount of tone and inflection. I couldn’t have asked for a better result! I will be using Stefan for all of my voice projects moving forward. BOOK HIM TODAY!!!

Eric George, Producer - Military brotherhood Radio and Afro Radio Network of Ghana Africa

You blew me away with that sexy, deep Baritone and your professional skills and Talents. Our station owes you BIG TIME!

Nathan Brinkman, Contracts Manager - Commuter Ads

Stefan has been a pleasure to work with. He always provides quality reads and is willing to work with our clients to make the audio exactly how they want it. He gets everything done for us in a timely manner and has been great working with when quick turnarounds have been needed. We look forward to continue working with Stefan for many years to come!

UltraWeb Marketing

Working with Stefan was a great experience! His deep voice gave our video the special touch that it needed. We love his voice and will be looking forward to using him in the future on other projects. Our client loved his voice and only wants him for his videos. Thank you for being awesome, look forward to working together more!


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